Accrual, accounting Prepayments mi Accountancy Solutions Cat: darček performance of a company at least equals the performance levels required in any active bonus plans.

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Prepaid Expenses - these arise when expenses are recorded in advance.

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An example of this would be an invoice for When an expense is prepaid you need to reduce the amount recorded to what has been incurred.

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You do this by reducing the expense in the.

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Accruing a bonus is a tough decision to make.

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You cannot predict an employee s future performance.

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And if you offer an accrued bonus to an irresponsible employee, you may need to spend time reversing the accrual.

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If you are unsure about offering bonus accrual, you may consider different.

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If each month I make a bonus accrual of 10k for this month, and this month 7k was paid out.

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So, in January, you re reversing the prior entries for 120,000 (.

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Bonus expense but then making an entry for 130,000 (.

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Unrealized Holding Gain.

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Unrealized Holding Loss.

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Trading Securities.

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Note Payable short term CR Interest Expense DR Accrual of interest expense.

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Accrual basis cash basis.

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Receipt of cash ( accrual ) dr cash cr accounts receivable.

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