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How to use bonus in a sentence.

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Something given or paid over and above what is due.

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A sum of money granted or given to an employee, a returned soldier, etc., in addition to regular pay, usually in appreciation for work done, length of service, accumulated favors, etc.

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A sum of money given in addition to regular pay, usu.

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A sum of money paid by a state or federal government to a veteran for war service, usu.

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Based on length of service.

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Something extra or additional given freely.

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Aug 04, 2020, a bonus is a financial compensation that is above and beyond the normal payment expectations of its recipient.

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Bonuses may be awarded by a company as an incentive or to reward good performance.

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Bonus : something given in addition to what is ordinarily expected or owed.

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Synonyms: cumshaw, dividend, donative Find the right word.

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Feb 28, 2020, directed by Saurabh Bhave.

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With Gashmeer Mahajani, Pooja Sawant, Mohan Agashe, Supreet Nikam.

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Aditya is a privileged young man who helps run his family business as an economics graduate.

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To win on first card played a bonus of half the limit hand is given.

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A prince, even, would have been satisfied with such a bonus.

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The agitation for a bonus therefore continues in the United States.

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In the United States, for instance, a bonus of 10 per ounce was asked for.

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Bonus pay is additional pay given to an employee on top of their regular earnings; it s used by many organizations as a thank-you to employees or a team that achieves significant goals.