Is there an, xP bonus for playing in a platoon? Cat: darček IV or higher.

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Bonus comes in only when ALL platoon members play tanks on the same Tier.

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XP bonus will be given to the platoons that consist of vehicles of the same Tier.

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The award depends on the result of battle, victory or defeat If a player chlapa joins a previously formed platoon, they will receive an, xP bonus only starting from the next battle if necessary conditions for this will be met.

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Premise: the platoon experience bonus is not worth being near constantly playing bottom tier tanks.

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Pick the flair that matches your server group or clan and enter your.

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The current platoon experience bonus system was part of the.15 update.

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XP bonus won t depend on a vehicle tier, the outcome of a battle and whether you have.

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WoT, premium Account or not.

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If you have both, you will receive the benefits from.

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Is the, platoon bonus applicable for dynamic.

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Platoons : penalties, bonuses and plans for future Today General News Discuss on Forum The result of a battle depends on each tanker in a team.

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The award depends on the result of battle, victory or defeat,.

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WoT is capped.

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Like elite was saying, its a balancing issue, WoT on PC has 15v15, so 3 man platoons are more do able (while its 5 man on console last time i checked, they do their own if you exclusively.

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This bonus will become active as soon as the Large Decoration is placed into its slot.

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If you took part in Holiday Ops 2019, you may remember that bonuses to credits, Free XP, Combat XP, and We ve also stuffed these Boxes with all kinds of delights, from gold and WoT Premium Account time to rare.

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