Bonus Rolls in Battle for Azeroth - Seal of Wartorn Fate Cat: darceky the lower tier of the bazaar in Dazar alor.

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The number of coins isn t the only change coming to the.

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Bonus Roll system in Battle for Azeroth as the cost of each individual coin bonus has at least doubled from Legion.

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Players can still buy coins with Mark of Honor, Gold or War Resources.

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Here are the prices of the first and second coins.

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BFA and comparing it to Legion s price.

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BfA bonus roll, currency.

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The amount of bonus rolls you can receive each week has been reduced from 3 to 2 per week.

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You can get Seal of Wartorn Fate for.

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10x, 25x Mark of Honor - Seal of Wartorn Fate: Marks of Honor; 2k, 5k Gold - Seal of Wartorn Fate: Gold; 250x, 500x War Resources - Seal of Wartorn Fate: War Resources.

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The MoP world mounts are the only ones where bonus rolls work (sha, galleon, oondasta, nalak).

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The majority of the other mounts you are talking about are raid mounts.

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That being said - I would much rather the world mounts move up to 1 (like raids) and not permit bonus rolls.

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Their current.1 drop rate are god awful even with bonus rolls.

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Mar 26, 2019, it does not drop off the boss and cannot be traded or obtained with a bonus roll.

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So if you ve defeated Mekkatorque (or Jaina) and didn t immediately get the mount added to your bags, you did not get the mount for the week.