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It is created by using 1 golden thread on a robin hood tunic.

Dark Robin and Rangers

This will consume the golden thread with a confirmation dialogue.

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May 09, 2001, the world.

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Rune offers both danger and glory to young Viking warriors.

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Enormous serpents infest the seas, ready to wrap their tails around longships and drag their crews down to watery graves.

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Giants stride through mountain passes, their noses hungry for the smell of manflesh.

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Elves both light and dark dwell in woods too dense for men to survive.

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Robin, hood equipment is a members-only tier 40 Ranged power armour that is a reward from Treasure Trails.

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It requires level 40 Ranged to wield.

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Jun 03, 2009 #1, dark Robin and Rangers goldinfern0z.

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10 rune -server community D #2.

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Rune -Draw is a game of chance similar to blackjack.

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Rune -Draw against, robin during the Ghosts Ahoy quest.

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Robin will give you a Signed oak shieldbow to pay off his debt when he owes you 100 coins.

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The rune cane is obtained as a reward from level 3 Treasure Trails.

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As with standard rune equipment, level 40Attack is needed to equip this item.

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It is not used often as a weapon as it has the same stats as a rune mace, although some players use it as a status symbol.

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This cane is topped with a cut dragonstone gem.