Cat: loto prjem vy ako nezdaniten as zkladu dane, tzv.

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Nezdaniten minimum (pre rok 2020 je to 4 035,84 ) a spln aspo jednu z nasledovnch podmienok.

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I think heal bonus should be there but it should only apply to heal classes and actual heal spells rather than charges and procs.

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This is what I was getting.

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This would require to much actual work tajny on behalf of broadsword however and why I suggested removing the bonus entirely ( changing all current gear to buff bonus or power pool.

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Example, if Albion has 51 players and Midgard has.

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Only midgard players on at that time, not after will receive a 200 bonus to RP and.

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If albion goes 76 players and midgard has 25, all players on at that time will receive 300 bonus to RP and.

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People logging on or cross realming over to mid will not receive the buff.

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On the other side.

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50 bonus to RP gain in all NF zones (including the Labyrinth) 100 bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons; 50 bonus to normal BP in all NF zones; On Gaheris: 100 bonus.

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Bonus : Classic/Normal/RP/PVE Rulesets The classic zone and dungeons currently have.5x or 150 bonus.

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This is being raised to.0x or 200 bonus. - Modr konk - Vetko pre mami

PVP Rulesets The classic zone and dungeons will remain at their current.0x or 300 bonus.

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Type Name (Skin) Head (2) Body (3) Arms (1) Hands (1) Legs (2) Feet (1) Notes; Cloth: Sigil Stiched Cloth (Aerus) 5 Acu Cap: 3 Magic: 40 Hit Cap: 10 AF: 5 Power: 5 Dex Cap.

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Bonus :.3 DPS: 33 : Summon Bone Commander : Summons a pet, or servant that the caster commands to fight and die for.

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The bone commander can control other pets, or minions, up to the number given in the spell description.

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If the caster s bone commander is killed or dispelled, the caster s bone minions die as well.

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Daov bonus poda odsekov 1 a 9 si me uplatni aj daovnk s obmedzenou daovou povinnosou, skupina ak hrn jeho zdanitench prjmov zo zdrojov na zem Slovenskej republiky ( 16) v prslunom zdaovacom obdob tvor najmenej 90 zo vetkch.

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Shipping: l the items will be dispatched within 1-3 business day by Airmail after the payment is ems will arrive in 7-20 business e arrival time depends on some factors and different areas.