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Basic Usage: tive 1, when BonusScanner is active BonusScanner.

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Bonuses always contains a table of the bonuses of the current equipment.

BonusScanner Vanilla WoW Addons for.12.1

Bonuses heal contains the current healing bonus.

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Jan 25, 2010 /bscan target - Shows bonuses for your target s equipped gear (must be in inspect range and non-NPC.

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WoW.4 this will work on opposite faction players, if located inside a neutral town).

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/bscan target player - Whispers bonuses for your target s equipped gear (must be in inspect range) to the player specified.

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By vane123 September 1, 2019.

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Add to favourite; Version 171 Download.17 KB File.

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WoW, private Server List.

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What is the Allianz 222 s extra premium bonus worth?

WoW, priest Guide 1-60 Leveling.12.1.

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WoW, paladin Leveling Guide.12.1.

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Leatherworking Guide Vanilla woW.12.1.

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World of Warcraft.12.1.

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Back in the end of 2011 Blizzard implemented a feature known as Call to Arms.

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This was introduced to reduce waiting times inside the Dungeon Finder by handing out a reward to certain specializations.

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Dec 17, 2018, i only get this on one character and tried repair with no addons loaded.