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Back in 2008, a handful of nerdy editors for a major gaming website had a dream: They would goof around on microphones, post absurd articles and drink on the job.

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And commandos thus, the wonderfully profane podcast known as TalkRadar was born.

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Now You Know is an educational technology channel creating unique videos on everything from solar and electric cars to vermi-composting and vegan cooking.

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We use everything from drones and GoPros to our Tesla Model X and Model 3 to show you the world from a different perspective.

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If your patron is the Great Old One, your weapon diea might be an ancient-looking spear, with a gemstone embedded in its head, carved to look like a terrible unblinking eye.

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Pact of the Tome.

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Your Book of Shadows might be a fine, gilt-edged tome with spells of enchantment and illusion, gifted to you by the lordly Archfey.

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Episode-by-episode coverage of Serial, The Staircase, The Jinx, Making a Murderer, and Lorena Extended outtakes, mini episodes, and additional bonus episodes Hello you gorgeous, non-garbage people!

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This is Gillian Pensavalle and Pa-trick Hinds here.