Bonus Chest Minecraft Wiki Fandom Cat: peniaze Bonus Chest option is set to deposit ON, a single bonus chest is generated within a few blocks of the player s spawn point, with up to four torches generated around it on adjacent blocks.

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The bonus chest generates with a semi-random collection of basic items that can help the player survive early on, getting them started.

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Jul 29, 2020, the bonus chest is a chest that appears near the player s spawn if the Bonus chest option is toggled on the main generates with a semi-random collection of basic items to help the player survive early.

OP Bonus Chest Addon (1.2 Beta Only) for Minecraft

Bonus Chest is an Option available at the time of World creation.

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It was added in Update.2.

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Bonus Chest option, if enabled, generates a, chest near the Player s spawn point.

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It functions as a starter kit, containing basic items which make resource collection easier and make it simpler for the Player to survive the first night.

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Minecraft wiki: A bonus chest will generate near the player s spawn if the.

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Bonus Chest option is enabled in the World Options menu.

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These chests only generate once per world.

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This is suggested for new players who are unfamiliar with the game s mechanics.

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Bonus chests contain: Wooden or stone pickaxes ; Wooden or stone axes ; Logs.

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Enable the bonus chest (More World Options.

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Bonus Chest ).

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Create New World.

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Add the datapack to the world.

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Reload the world or run /reload (if cheats are enabled).

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Open the bonus chest.

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How to Play OP, bonus Chest, addon.