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I contacted Ubisoft and was told it was a Pre-Order, even though Costco and the case both said it was a bonus mission and.

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Bonus, medals provide a little boost to player skills.

Wildlands : bonuses, editions and season pass guide

Each province hole one or two these special medals, which will Select.

Wildlands : How to Access The Peruvian Connection DLC

Bonus, medal when Intel gathering to show their location on the tcamap.

Wildlands open beta players will earn bonus missions

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This page contains locations for every bonus medal that you bonus can find in Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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Players who buy the special edition of Ghost Recon.

Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon

Wildlands also receive a series of exclusive.

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To locate the Peruvian Connection.

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Missions, you will need to travel to the bottom left of Bolivia.

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In addition, a pre-order bonus is offered for all special editions, the bonus includes the extra mission The Peruvian Connection.

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All editions of the game Ghost Recon.

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Wildlands are available for.

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The Peruvian Connection DLC is a bonus mission in Ghost Recon, wildlands that came with pre-ordered copies of the game.

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Wildlands comes on March.

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The Ruthless television daov ad, which is perhaps not safe Twitch Prime subscribers will get a little bit of a bonus as well.

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According to VG247, the March reward.

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Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon.

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Wildlands cuenta con un incentivo de reserva a modo de misin.