Taeshalach - Item - World of Warcraft Cat: peniaze , so sure, you can bonus roll.

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And aside from some very unique items, each difficulty will not affect what drops in another.

Can Taeshalach and the Scythe of the Unmaker drop in LFR?

Me: Taeshalach is not a very unique item in that regard then?

Anyone know drop change of Arugs scythe/Agg sword in TBT?

So it can be both bonus rolled and can be looted.

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Jun 10, 2008, gM: A bonus roll is merely another chance to roll for loot against that bosses specific loot table, so sure, you can bonus roll.

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Yes they can drop in LFR.

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They also cannot be bonus rolled.

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Sidequestion: Are sword and scythe 1 chance per all difficulties (same as essences, basically) or do you get 3 changes if you do it on lfr/normal/heroic?

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Taeshalach (ID:152094) - 1817 characters - 43 drops.367 drop rate So the drop rate is roughly 1-3 for both weapons.

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Looking at the time stamps it seems that the weapons can drop only from the first kill of the week regardless of difficulty, just bonus like Pantheon trinkets, also I see no bonus roll drops.

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Taeshalach, item Level 184 Binds when picked up Two Hand Sword Damage Speed.60 (38.0 damage per second) 50 Strength/Agility 76 Stamina 40 Critical Strike (2.27 at L110) 25 Haste (1.5 at L110).

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Jun 28, 2018 Antorus Raid Survival Guide Antorus, the Burning Throne is Legion s fifth raid, opening after the release of Patch.3.2.

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Here is our overview of Antorus the Burning Throne, with links to Wowhead strategy guides, information on loot and Tier 21, when each boss is available and more!

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